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ceramic art for your walls

Recently there was a Call to Artists in Sarasota that several of my friends answered.  The call, like many others, was limited to art that can hang on a wall, meaning no 3 dimensional art.  As someone whose pretty dedicated to clay, I didn’t want to create new work on paper or canvas.  It got me thinking about how versatile clay is as a medium and that I should consider making some wall art out of clay.  I decided to start with some masks and this sock monkey is the first of many.

The mask measures around 7.5 inches from chin to pom pom and another 7.5 inches from ear to ear.  At its thickest point, it’s approximately 2 inches thick.  The piece is hollow with a lip at the top of the back for easy wall hanging on a nail or a picture hanger.  You can purchase this piece online through my etsy store.

For the sock monkey obsessed, you can also find sock monkey dishes like these in my etsy store.