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Return of Zombie Girl

I’m happily preparing to be a vendor at Spooky Empire’s Freak Show Horror Film Festival and horror convention.  This little zombie girl is the newest addition to my finger puppet collection which will be available at the festival.  She can’t wait to meet you and slurp up your brains.


zombie girl II

This is going to be a  great festival with tons of vendors, celebrities, film screenings, ball, zombie walk, costume contest and more!  The event takes place in Orlando October 8-10.  Hope to see you there!

Spooky Empire Rocks Orlando (read article)

Visit Spooky Empire (website)

Spooky Empire Freak Show Horror Film Festival

Eyegore and Young Frankenstein

Finishing up some finger puppets this week.  Here’s one I’m naming Eyegore.  He’s made of paperclay with glass eyes, weird dried plant pod things from St. Pete Beach and a light bulb.

Eyegore finger puppet by Calan Ree

Here’s Young Frankenstein wearing his pajamas.  If you follow  GingerDead and Friends, you might recall this related haiku comic I did which turned out to be a preliminary sketch for this finger puppet.

And here he is, in some creepy woods waiting around in his pajamas for the moon to rise.

It’s funny, but I didn’t plan on the Young Frankenstein film references until this very minute as I was writing this post and realized I had to name them.  Any illusion you had of me carefully planning things out should be dashed now.  My job is done.

Oh, if you are wondering about purchasing the finger puppets.  Well, for the moment, I’m going to say they aren’t available.  I”m working on a small series and I’d like to have them for this show I’m thinking about doing in October.  It’s a pretty big deal and I’ll need lots of cool stuff.   I’ll know in the next couple of weeks if I’m doing it and I’ll let you know where and when, but for now, these guys are mine.

Today’s GingerDead is chock full of eyeballs in the comic and the blog, so be sure to visit!

Another Piece of Me

A quick intro since this is the first post and all….

Some of you know me through my comic GingerDead and Friends, while others have met me at an art show or seen my work somewhere and perhaps were curious to learn more or maybe you are here completely by chance.  Whatever the case may be, I welcome you.   I’m looking to this fresh space as a place I can drop in and simply post new work, work in progress,  announce upcoming events and perhaps share my experiences with new mediums or techniques.  In this long-overdue home base, I’m free to update whenever I feel like it and keep things as simple as a couple of photographs…speaking of which, let’s start there…

New Work  – Created for the Book It Show at pinkghost – (the challenge was to use the front of a book) :
A Special Thank You to Cafe Bohemia for giving me this awesome beat up book to work with

Calan Ree - Book It Show at pinkghost

In Progress – finger puppets and more!

Clay Works in Progress - Calan Ree

In Progress - New Works in Clay

That fellow in the front inspired this week’s GingerDead and a possible series of ‘Monsters in Pajamas’ themed finger puppets.  I’m not sure I want to get too theme-oriented though. Time will tell.  I just know I want to make lots and lots of finger puppets.  I’ll let the who and what fill itself in as I’m making them.  That’s how the clay likes things to roll and I’m not about to argue.