Originally from Long Island, NY Calan Ree eventually got tired of the icy winters and headed to St. Pete, FL where she has lived and worked for over 15 years.  Ree creates contemporary ceramic and mixed media figurative sculpture.  Clay is her first true love, so even when working in bone or metal, there is more often than not ceramic binding the elements together.   She finds the natural world just as intriguing as the folk lore that tries to explain it.  Her work is figurative in nature and often expresses the hidden spirit that resides within the subject, be it human, myth or mushroom.

Calan Ree also has a line of GingerDead Greeting Cards featuring original illustrations and sometimes haiku.  She is also the 'crow' behind Crow and Lion - a collaborative effort between herself and her partner in love and life, Jim Morey.  The duo create primarily functional art lamp using upcycled wood, antique and vintage oddities and sometimes original sculptures by Ree.   Her work can be found in private collections throughout the US as well as in England and Poland.  You can find Calan Ree's work at Florida CraftArt in St. Petersburg, FL and Curly Tale Fine Art in Chicago, IL. as well as at pop up exhibitions and fine art festivals.